Steel structures for data centres


Time pressure and energy efficiency are the greatest challenges in the construction and commissioning of data centres. This calls for a tight work schedule and smart building concepts with the prospect of significant energy savings. Foldam designs, produces and assembles high-quality steel structures for data centres within the set deadline.

  • A strict timetable | Efficient project management from preparation to execution and completion.
  • Durable | Steel is strong, light, 100% demountable, recyclable and suitable for fast construction.
  • Quality | CE-certified in accordance with EN1090-1, execution class 1 to 3
  • Continuity | Crystal-clear agreements and strict compliance with rules and delivery times.

Eccological footprint data centres

On a construction site many international companies and people from different fields will be working on a project at the same time. At the start there is often enough space to store and supply materials. This changes as soon as more parties become involved. The Foldam team will make sure the schedule is adhered to.

Steel is being used more and more in buildings. It lends itself well to rapid construction and is lighter than other construction materials, which saves fuel when placing or moving the structural components. Moreover, the steel elements are dimensionally stable. This makes it possible to build airtight constructions, which in turn contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings.

Creating intensive partnerships

Foldam distinguishes itself by creating intensive partnerships with our clients. We take a proactive approach in realising your project. This is reflected in a well thought-out design, pre-approved assembly method and sound implementation advice.

Read more about our successfully realised steel project for a new data centre.

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