Are you looking for complete balconies that have to meet specific requirements and wishes? Foldam provides customised solutions for every application, size and situation. From free-hanging steel balconies with a wooden deck to combinations with glass. In recent years, we have realised steel solutions for new buildings as well as renovation and transformation projects.

  • Complete solutions | Complete customised balconies, including railings, balustrades and conservation.
  • Safety | Safe fencing in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Durable | Steel is extremely strong, 100% recyclable and particularly suitable for fast construction.
  • Quality | High-quality coating in a RAL colour of your choice, CE certified in accordance with EN1090-1.

Specific requirements and regulations for balconies

Each application has its own specific requirements and regulations, but one thing is certain: balcony constructions must comply with current laws and regulations to prevent the risk of falling. Foldam takes care to familiairise with your situation and think along. This translates into a solution that meets all safety standards and contributes to a safe living and working environment.

A lot of choice in balcony design

You can combine steel with anything. Your choice will depend on what look and feel you want. Whether it is a combination with wood for a natural atmosphere or glass for a luxurious look and beautiful view. Foldam designs and manufactures safe balcony constructions and offers great freedom of choice regarding the design.

Preserving balconies for a long life

Foldam works together with specialists for the preservation of the steel frames. Whether this involves hot-dip galvanising, powder coating or a combination of both methods, we guarantee high-quality customised work and provide guarantees for various surface treatments.

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