Steel structures for the building sector


Not only the need for affordable housing is increasing, but also the demand for smart building concepts and construction methods. These developments require well thought-out steel structures for residential and non-residential construction. In Foldam you have an experienced construction partner for the design and realisation of high-quality steel solutions.

  • Customised | From design to realisation, including preservation.
  • Save time | Short lead times due to efficient stock management and minimal transport movements.
  • Quality | CE-marking for both the main structure and the associated elements.
  • Knowledge and craftsmanship | Expert advice, from design to implementation.

Steel solutions for housing contruction

Foldam enables you to implement successful residential construction projects with maximum profit. With our steel solutions we contribute to the needs of the modern housing consumer and to keeping houses affordable. In addition, we ensure that the main load-bearing structure and associated elements are safe to use and comply with all safety standards and certifications.

Steel solutions for non-residential construction

Sustainable building, circular construction and reuse of materials are important themes in non-residential construction. Some projects even win prestigious awards. We believe that in our existence, we must take responsibility towards future generations to improve the liveability of the earth. Our organisation is set up to realise sustainable steel constructions for a fair price within a tight timeframe.

Monitoring your project

Foldam distinguishes itself by taking responsibility in the monitoring of your project. Not only regarding our own employees, but also regarding the subcontractors we use. Moreover, we feel responsible for everyone working on your project. Whether we are dealing with a collaboration of local construction companies or an international construction team, our organisation is equipped to deal with different nationalities.


Foldam works closely together in project teams or construction teams. Our added value lies in our consideration of the human factor and taking responsibility. This added value is best demonstrated in complex projects where reliability and quality are paramount. The project result is most important, a way of thinking that enables us to protect your reputation and that of the end users.

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