Values and motives

Foldam Staalbouw B.V.

Values and motives

Our people work from the values and drivers of our organization and their personal ambition. We believe that they make the difference in a collaboration and the end result. Especially when the bar is set higher and higher.

  • Our mission
  • Working together
  • Knowledge
  • Solution-oriented
  • Responsibility

Our mission

Our mission is to create long-term, intensive partnerships with our clients in order to successfully implement challenging projects on the basis of cooperation benefits. Your challenge is our reason for existing. We take responsibility for the challenges of our clients. We continu to grow and think along with you to achieve a result we can all be proud of.

Creating close partnerships with our clients is a way of working ingrained in our organisation. A way of thinking and acting that guarantees safety, quality and continuity.

For us, a joint win-win situation is the key to optimal cooperation. This goes hand in hand with sharing knowledge, solution-oriented thinking and us taking responsibility in all aspects of our work.

Working together

By appreciating the importance of human work, we are able to raise our cooperation with the client to a higher level. In doing so, we focus on our own attitude and behaviour. We listen and talk openly with each other to connect our processes seamlessly to those of our client.


We are not a traditional steel construction company that mainly focuses on machines, software and steel. Our focus is on cooperations between people in which machines, software and steel play a supportive role. For example, we often join the design phase early on to provide our clients with expert advice, wherein the importance of collaboration benefits is very important to us.


With our solutions, we focus not only on the quality of the product, but also on the relationship with the customer. Our people focus on possibilities and turn challenges into opportunities. We have genuine interest in what moves and drives our clients, which allows us to connect and identify with them to achieve the best possible result.


We take responsibility for the client’s interests. We want to, dare to and are able to do this because we know from experience that the human factor largely determines the success of a project. That is why we continue to invest in the personal development of our people.