Cage ladders

Cage ladders

Cage ladders

Cage ladders are used not only for working safely at height, but also as inspection ladders or escape routes. Foldam supplies customised steel solutions for every application, size and situation. From lockable cage constructions for public areas to complete support structures with associated resting or exit platform for industrial applications.

  • Complete solutions | Customised cage ladders and complete support structures for many applications.
  • Safety | Manufactured in our own factory in accordance with the Buildings Decree.
  • Quality | CE-certified in accordance with EN1090-1.
  • Inspections | All ladders are certified.

Lockable cage ladders

Every situation is different, which is why Foldam offers customised solutions. In a public space, for example, cage constructions often have to be closed off to the public. A lockable cage ladder is the solution. It is fitted with a door, flap or hatch at the bottom to simply yet effectively prevent unwanted access.

Cage ladders with resting platform

A cage ladder is mandatory if the ladder is more than three metres high. If the ladder is more than 10 metres long, a rest platform with railings at every 6 metres is required. The Foldam team has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling tailor-made cage ladders with a rest platform.

Cage ladders with exit platform

If your building or object has several floors or balconies, you can opt for a cage ladder with exit platform. This construction not only provides access to the roof or higher floors, but can also be used as an escape route in the event of an emergency.

Check out one of our projects to get an idea of the solutions we have realised for renowned clients.

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