Our team

Foldam Staalbouw B.V.

Our team

The Foldam team has over 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling steel solutions for a variety of residential, commercial and communal environments. We aim for continuous development and our most important goal is achieving a result that the client and we as a team can be proud of.

Our organisation is set up to realise well thought-out steel constructions for a fair price within a tight timeframe. In doing so, we not only focus on the quality of the product, but also on creating successful and intensive collaborations, both internally and externally. This way of thinking and acting guarantees safety, quality and continuity of your business activities.
What we are proud of

  • Long-term relationships with clients, our staff and suppliers
  • The will to continously improve our organisation
  • Creating space for personal growth
  • Specialist knowledge from design to assembly
  • Our projects at home and abroad
  • Obtained certifications for assuring quality, safety, health and reducing environmental impact during our operations

What we do

The basis of our work is the realisation of high end steel solutions in complex environments that must meet the latest safety, health and environmental standards. From steel structures and other steel building components to steel stairs and fencing.

We are in our element when we create solutions that require special attention to quality, diversity, accessibility at the assembly site, safety, delivery time and/or complexity.

Difficulties other parties often shy away from get our blood pumping!

Our work usually involves the realisation of steel structures for construction, data centers and industry. In short, environments where safety, quality and continuity are paramount.