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Knowledge and expertise

The successful realisation of a steel construction in complex projects is human work. It starts with a well thought-out construction and a flawless design, and continues with methodised organisation of production and assembly.

  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Preservation
  • Project management
  • Assembly

Do you need help with complex problems? Our engineers love to be challenged to come up with solutions that meet your requirements. We will draw and calculate the load-bearing capacity and the design for you, right down to the last detail. In doing so, we make no concessions regarding safety, health and the environment.

Foldam believes that a complex project does not necessarily mean high costs or a half-baked solution. An effective solution with the best quality at a fair price: that is what Foldam offers.

In short, with a transparent calculation and detailed work description, we make it clear exactly what the construction will cost and what we will deliver. This prevents you from running the risk of exceeding your construction budget. Your challenge is our strength.

In our factory in Purmerend we are also all about the human factor. This translates into the production of well thought-out steel solutions by an enthusiastic team at a fair price and within the agreed time. Making our result match the client’s needs is of utmost importance to us.

That means that if we have to work on a Sunday to finish a project on time, we will do so. We do not focus only on finishing a project on the technical level but also on how people work together.

In short, machines and technical knowledge are important, but the quality of the project is mainly determined by crystal-clear communication about each other’s expectations and possibilities.

Steel has many positive properties to form and build strong structures. However, it must be protected against atmospheric oxygen, salt and moisture. Foldam specialises in the conservation of steel. We work according to specific standards and quality requirements. In addition, we provide guarantees for various surface treatments.

Project Management involves efficient planning and organisation of work. Foldam knows from many years of experience that the success of a project is largely determined by the human factor.

When carrying out its projects, Foldam appoints a project manager who will responsible for organising and monitoring all the necessary disciplines within the project. The project manager monitors and controls the agreements regarding Scope, Time, Money and Quality.

Keeping a grip on projects is a must in order to be able to fulfil the agreements made as expected. From preparation and planning to execution and completion.

We take responsibility for the client’s interests in every phase of the project. We dare to and are able to do this because we know that this approach has proven itself effective.

As a result, our projects regularly turn out better for our clients than they had expected.

The quality of our work is most noticable when it comes to realising projects where assembly takes place in environments that require strict monitoring of procedures, work coordination, and work permits. We align ourselves with your world and take a proactive approach. This translates into an assembly method, lifting plans and work method that has been pre-approved.

Difficult to reach, large, heavy or high? Foldam can handle it. Especially when it gets more complex. For example, we build constructions in difficult-to-reach areas, such as lift shafts, cellars or filled-up spaces.