Foldam values transparency and quality management. For this reason, we carry out our work in accordance with various (international) standards that serve as a basis for achieving our results and goals.

Foldam has obtained various certifications through testing by notified body TUV Netherlands.

Foldam Staalbouw B.V.
Foldam Staalbouw B.V.
Foldam Staalbouw B.V.

EN-ISO 9001
SO 9001 is a widely used international standard that provides guidelines for the quality of business processes and helps to improve them. Foldam continuously strives for improvement.

We consider doing our work the same way as we always did, without looking for ways to improve, to be akin to standing still. To us, standing still is the same as going backwards which in the long run can be problematic for our business.

NEN-EN 1090
By means of NEN 1090 certification, Foldam can demonstrate that our load-bearing steel constructions meet the relevant requirements and our products may be issued a CE mark.

With a CE mark, the manufacturer indicates that he takes responsibility for the conformity of the product with the specified performance characteristics, as well as compliance with the requirements in the NEN-EN 1090-1 standard as an interpretation of the Construction Products Regulation.

Welding producers must also comply with the ISO 3834 requirements: they must appoint a welding coordinator with the level of knowledge appropriate to the execution class. Foldam employs several welding specialists, who also continuously focus on improvement processes to improve the welding expertise of our welders.

Foldam is CE-certified in accordance with the EN1090-1 standard, execution class 1 to 3. The execution class largely determines the requirements to be met by the construction, and ranges from EXC 1 to EXC 4. For example, agricultural hangars usually fall under EXC1 and nuclear power plants under EXC4. The organisational and technical requirements become stricter the more critical the construction is.

SCC (Safety, health and environment Checklist Contractors) is a Dutch standard that focuses on reducing safety and health risks at work.

SCC** company certification is specifically intended for main contractors and focuses on the direct control of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) during the execution of activities on the work floor, as well as on the SHE structure (including SHE policy, SHE organisation and improvement management).

Foldam has this certificate, and all operational staff have a SCC Personal Certificate.

On this level are larger organisations and main contractors who carry out complex and high-risk work.